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Soap & herb farms - Minnesota:

goat milk soap,
natural lotions, medicinal herb/tinctures,
also medicinal herb nurseries, farm visits

   Minnesota farmers list your milk soaps, medicinal herbs here!
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 Minnesota goat milk soaps & herbs for sale    city & state  other contact 
 Winterwind Farm goat milk soap and lanolin rich hand cream (22mi E of I94/FergusFalls, ex57) Battle LakeMN    
 Milk & Honey Farm herbal soaps CokatoMN    
 Patch of Heaven Dairy G.. all natural goat milk soap Forest LakeMN    
 River Oaks Farm & Studio goats milk soap MoraMN    
 Poplar Hill Dairy Goat .. natural goat milk soap (6 varieties) ScandiaMN    
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