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Soap & herb farms in Michigan:

goat milk soap,
natural lotions, medicinal herb/tinctures,
also medicinal herb nurseries, farm visits

   Michigan farmers list your milk soaps, medicinal herbs here!
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 Michigan goat milk soaps & herbs for sale    city & state  other contact 
 Critter Croft Acres fragrant goat milk soaps AlleganMI    
 Serenity Farms natural herbal/milk soap AlmaMI    
 Honeyflow Farm lip balm (from our beeswax), honey DrydenMI    
 Oh Beeeswax natural cosmetics made with honey & beeswax EdmoreMI    
 Serenity Acres Now goats milk soaps (handcrafted here), near US-23 FentonMI    
 Pond Hill Farm natural handmade soaps Harbor SpringsMI    
 Malick Farms goat milk soap & skin lotion (various fragrances) JeddoMI    
 KlineKrest CertifiedOrg.. potted medicinal herbs: yarrow, chamomile, borage, milk thistle, quillquina, & more LyonsMI    
 Everlasting Springs Farm homemade goat milk soap ReadingMI    
 Firesign Family Farm medicinal/culinary herbs, how-to grow/preserve lessons (10mi N of AnnArbor) Whitmore LakeMI    
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